Welcome to being a Mission Trip Leader, below is a checklist to help you communicate with your team.

  1. Complete the online training, HERE
    We will automatically get an email when you complete to 100% and then provide leader access.
  2. Join the Slack group, HERE
  3. Log into Focus Missions, HERE
  4. Set your notification settings when new applications come in (here is how)
  5. Browse over the How To's
    1. Focus Missions for Trip Leaders
    2. Focus Missions for Trip Admins
  6. Double-check your trip details are correct (here is how), looking for
    1. Travel Dates
    2. Registration Dates - Note: this affects the ability for someone to apply
    3. Max Headcount - Note: this affects the ability for someone to apply
    4. Age Range - Note: this affects the ability for someone to apply
    5. Trip Description (this is your chance to really market what and why we are going in this trip) 
    6. Cost Per Person is correct
    7. Adding your funding milestones (use your budget spreadsheet for help)
    8. Check due dates for your requirements, these are tasks that you and your participants need to complete prior to going on the trip.
    9. Setup up Team Meeting dates (here is how). Click HERE for a great example of creating your team meetings
  7. Go to newlifechurch.tv/missions and find and apply to your trip.
    1. Log into your Focus Missions account and approve your application (here is how). Be sure to look for and check the box Is Team Leader
  8. Communicate to interested participants to visit newlifechurch.tv/missions to find and apply to your trip.
  9. Host an interest meeting (Trip Information Sheet)
    1. Note:
      For Google users, you will have to Make a Copy to save to your Drive before you can edit
      For others, you will have to Download as an Excel file